Won the construction order of Daecheong Road Renovation
    2010-12-28 0

2010. 12.  28

This project is to widen Daecheong road from two to four lanes. Daecheong dam is connected to Geum River, one of the main rivers of Korea. Daedeok province of Daejeon city is planning to renovate Geum river í«Lohasí» Daecheong park with a budget of 5.2 million USD.

As part of this plan, KumSungBaekJoe(KSBJ) Construction received the order of widening the road from two to four lanes (from 10 meters to 20 meters) and to build bicycle and pedestrian roads. About 500 yoshino cherries will be planted along the road and wooden deck and benches will be also provided. The new Daecheong road will become one of the popular attractions in Korea.



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